What is scienceFUTURE

scienceFUTURE is a web-based collaborative documentary experiment which explores how scientists imagine the future. Scientists will collectively invent the life story of X, a woman of the future, born in 2045. ʻXʼ is the chromosome all humans share and also the universal unknown in mathematics. X could be your grandchild or great-grandchild.

scienceFUTURE is being developed by filmmaker Christine Cynn (co-director of the award-winning documentary THE ACT OF KILLING) with producer Kristian Mosvold (Substans Film AS, Norway), executive producer Tishna Molla (Bandit HQ, UK) and John Arvid Berger (JABfilm, Norway).

This short animated film explains the concept behind scienceFUTURE.

Animation: Ged Haney (https://www.facebook.com/ged.haney)
Music: 'The Heavy Breathing of a Huge Dormant Monster' by Maurizio Ravalico & Sam Britton (www.not-applicable.org)
Editor: Christine Cynn

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Try xquisiteFUTURE software @tinshedsgallery 11-5, Mon-Fri until 20th July. 

Due to an invitation to film at Parkes Observatory this weekend, the FUTUREpod will not be appearing on campus Friday 13th June. For anyone who wants to try the xquisiteFUTURE software, please go to Tin Sheds Gallery.

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